personalized and comforting cocoon,

to ease the mind, feel the body and care about what he tells...



Your practitioner :


My name is Emilie and I'm happy to offer you amazing wellness experiences, thanks to my personal and professional development. 





My treasure tool box :


- Swedish ans sports massage - 2010
- Chair massage - 2011
- Acupressure, chinese medecine - 2014
- Non violent communication - 2017
- Animal, intuitive communication - 2017
- Drama classes
- Dance - salsa, hip hop...
- And so many things taught everyday by the big school of life!!

In my office in Peymeinade :


You're welcomed with an appointment in a very cosy and peacefull place dedicated to my whole activity. 


- Easy and free parking

- Monday to friday, 9am till 7pm 


A few lines bout me : 


After I had my "English studies" diploma at University, I worked as a hotess in spas and thalassotherapies where many skills were required but in which I felt really stressed by the amount of everyday work and I was willing to spend more time with customers, like the massage therapists who worked there...


That's how I decided to sign in my first massage class in 2010, and then in 2011, I created my company "Par Amour Pour Soi", in which I can take care of every one my own way, dealing with body and feelings. This activity is perfect for me and fits wonderfully in my life.


I do my best to take every moment as a blossoming, an adventure, a game, a challenge to go through, and in which I can meet many parts of myself... (Welcoming them being another story!!)


That's the way I love to live my life, filled with every emotion, and the joy to take care of me, of you...