Swedish - Pregnant women - Sports - Chair Massages



 READ CAREFULLY : Massages here never replace any medical care or treatment and never give way to any sexual, sensual, erotical or tantrical behavior. If those last conditions are not respected, the session is immediately stopped and the price is multiplied by 10 in compensation for the infringement of physical, moral and intellectual property. 

A personalized and comforting cocoon, to ease the mind,

feel the body and care about what he tells...

  • Massages allying strength and softness, a deep and meticulous exploration to :

reconnect to your body and relieve him deeply,

let go of physical and emotional tensions daily accumulated,

- get back amplitude in movements and breathing,
- improve/maintain global health of body and mind throughout regular sessions,

- allow yourself to recharge and enjoy new adventures everyday !  


  • according to your needs and my feeling :

- with oil or above the massage sheets or clothes,

- lying down on a table or sat on an ergonomic chair,
- a balanced presence all over the body, and if necessary, emphasized on certain parts (back - neck - head - feet) 

adjustable pressure as desired (feel free to ask for a very strong massage)


  • Dare to explore a Duo session "my way" : The idea is to receive a good massage one after the other, and in the meantime, enjoy this peacefull and cosy place, resting, reading a book, sipping a nice infusion, dreaming a little, and appreciating the fact that the other is receiving his massage... Instead of optimizing your time, I invite you to take it fully, and even stretch it a little, while you come and benefit together each other's relaxation...


  • Duration of a session : I have time to share around the massage, you can foresee about 30mn in addition to your treatment.





SWEDISH - PREGNANT W. - DUO (one after the other) 

80€ / hour

1x / month : 70€ / hour

2x / month or + : 60€ / hour



SPORTS (very strong)

100€ / hour

1x / month : 90€ / hour

2x / month or + : 80€ / hour



Possible durations for every massage (except chair massage) :

30mn, 45mn, 1h and 1h30



CHAIR MASSAGE individual

20mn 30€ 

1x / month : 20mn 25€

2x / month or + : 20mn 20€



CHAIR MASSAGE GROUPS (minimum 2h - 2 à 4 pers/h)

1 intervention : 80€ / hour

1 monthly intervention : 70€ / hour

monthly interventions : 60€ / hour